What to look for in a good digital marketing agency

Fabby Peterson
3 min readNov 23, 2022

Businesses in 2022 are growing much faster as compared to back in the year 2021. There are millions of organizations working in different niches. Since there is a drastic change in global economic change. Many businesses have been shut down. During the corona pandemic, many individuals learnt a lot of skills, however, this was good for the individuals but not for the companies. The corona pandemic was the root cause of emerging new startups and digital marketing agencies and most of them did not have enough experience and expertise or a professional team.

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Most of the individuals and companies look for the genuine reviews of any company before availing the services or buying any new product. This is one of the crucial part of any agency or organization as it takes a huge amount of time to earn a single review that can help attain a new consumer or making the visitor in buying your product or service.

In this article, we will discuss those factors which are essential in examining a digital marketing agency, whether if it's reliable or vague. There are important factors which need to be looked after before availing services from any digital marketing agency.

  1. Look for the company's goodwill

In order to check a company’s goodwill or credibility, one should look for the links and traces with the help of google’s advance search operators.

2. Find any brand citations

This is one of the best factor which can definitely confirm if the digital marketing agency you are going to work with is legit or vague. To look for any brand citations, one will need to go through with its social media platforms and use this search operator “Crossway consulting + FACEBOOK usa” to keep the search term on exact match.

3. Size of the website and domain age

By meaning the size of the website is clear as the size of any website depends on its all pages through which the focus key phrases are targeted. In order to find out the number of pages of any website one can use any free online tool by typing in it “website page checker” beside this the domain age shows the authenticity of any website too and to check this one should search for domain age checker on google. A good and genuine website may have above 200 well optimized pages :)

4. Reviews

As we all know, the importance and power of the reviews, reviews can really help you stand out of the competition but there are multiple websites which are highly authorized for the genuine reviews, a company may have positive reviews as well negative reviews and not only positive reviews this is a key point indicator for the genuineness of an agency. Look for Google business profile reviews, reviews on clutch profile, reviews on crunch base business profile, Trustpilot reviews and capterra reviews.

5. Portfolios

Portfolios really help clarify a broad picture of an agency. There should be a categorization of the portfolios, web design, web development, logo design, graphic design, etc.

These are the major factors which help in identifying if an agency is legit or not.



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